Our Competitive Edge

We are e-freight expert providing effective solutions

EzyFreight and EzyCargo are the two powerful solutions designed for airlines and freight forwarders to implement e-AWB and e-freight effectively.

We have solid know-how of implementing e-AWB and e-freight at local, regional and international levels. In 2011, we helped one of our customers in Hong Kong to successfully implement 100% e-AWB and the footprint is extended to its outport stations worldwide.

We have extensive network coverage worldwide

We serve over 10,000 freight forwarders and many international airlines around the world, and our systems are capable of connecting to post offices and Customs authorities worldwide.

We care for your customers

We offer comprehensive range of EDI solutions to you and your customers.

Our solutions portfolio spans different Cargo Management Systems/ air cargo supply chain. For instance, if you are airlines, we offer freight forwarders EzyCargo solution for shipment data exchange. If you are freight forwarders, we also offer shippers the Community e-Platform for shipment data submission. Our solutions are designed for you and your partners to streamline operational procedures and move towards paper free cargo future.

We save your message costs

Unlike traditional charging scheme that is message-based, we primarily charge per shipment basis. Same shipment will only charge once irrespective of the number of messages sent within 3 months.

Our scheme not only helps you to enjoy lower costs per shipment, but also provide an easy way on forecast with substantial budget control.

We help to improve your efficiency

Our fully computerised solutions provide a vast array of tools to streamline your operational procedures. The integrated tools including automatic email alerts and e-AWB acceptance help you save manpower in substantial manual checking and data validation works.

Your manpower can be freed and re-located to revenue generating and selling activities.

We expedite your process to go ‘e’

Industry trend is to go electronic, and we have already developed solutions catering for different functions of the air cargo industry, from customs, post office to e-AWB adoption.

Our EzySuite solutions are well developed for immediate use!

We possess superb technology

Our solutions support data conversion between Cargo-IMP and XML format in compliance with industry standards, allowing airlines and forwarders to effortlessly exchange data between systems in different format.

We are reliable & flexible

To maximise our service reliability, we offer instant system enhancements to meet ALL industry requirements, and tailor-made features to meet specific and local requirements.

Beside, our expertise also proactively monitors the infrastructure hardware & application software on a 7 x 24 basis. We have had the proven track record of 99.9% service availability.

To provide the highest flexibility to your operation, our modular architecture adopts industry standards for interfacing with different systems.

We are always ready to support

Our Customer Service & Operation hotline operates 7 x 24 hours, and our team of professional staff always stand-by to provide effective technical and service support to you.