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As a Strategic Partner in IATA's e-freight project, GLSHK is among those who lead the field in global e-freight development. Apart from providing e-freight solutions to airlines and freight forwarders, we also offer consultancy services to facilitate a seamless transition in their e-freight implementation.

We provide hassle-free and cost-effective web-based solutions to airlines and freight forwarders. Currently there are over 10,000 EzySuite subscribers globally.


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Year 2013

Aug 2013

Shortlisted to be one of the finalists in Payload Asia Award 2013 – IT Provider of the Year

GLSHK is in the top 3 for “IT Provider of the Year” in Payload Asia Awards 2013


May 2013

Offers Special EzyCargo Packages to HAFFA Members

GLSHK announced special EzyCargo packages for the members of Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Limited (HAFFA) to facilitate e-Freight adoption in Hong Kong


Apr 2013

The successful launch of the world's first community e-platform 

GLSHK announced special EzyCargo packages for the members of Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Limited (HAFFA) to facilitate e-Freight adoption in Hong Kong

Jan 2013

Cathay Pacific Cargo adopt our ACAS solution

The community e-platform is a joint project by GLSHK and Tradelink to interconnect and coordinate their respective platforms which link the massive shipper and forwarder communities.

Sep 2012

Announces appointment of new CEO


Aug 2012

E-freight solutions adopted by Turkish Cargo


Jun 2012

Collaborative Project with Trade link– community e-platform


EzySuite products adopted by China Airlines, Croatia Airlines and EVA Airways


Nov 2011

Collaboration with Tradelink and Cathay Pacific to implement end-to-end e-freight between Hong Kong and Germany


Jan 2011

Appointed by Cathay Pacific Airways to enable implementation of 100% e-AWB in its home base Hong Kong

Dec 2010

AirBridgeCargo Airlines appoints GLSHK as solution partner for European Union Import Control System


Sep 2010

CX and KA adopt EzyCargo to optimize 100% e-AWB operation in Hong Kong


Successful launch of EzyCargo in Malaysia and Singapore


  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Thailand, Shenyang, Sapporo, Xian Chongqing, Sendai, Fukuoka and Nagoya
  • Develops and implements e-booking system for Thai Cargo (www.thaicargo.com) to facilitate internet booking, shipment track-and-trace and schedule display services
  • Provides TravelSky with EzyCustoms services as part of the solution for China Eastern Airlines (MU) to fulfill electronic messaging requirements of CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency)
  • TG joins the growing list of airlines using EzyCargo


  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Chengdu , Netherlands, Fuzhou, Kunming, Changsha, Wuhan, Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Beijing
  • Certified by Cargo 2000 as the first Common Data Management Platform (CDMP) service provider in Asia
  • Successful launch of EzyPost and EzyFreight to fulfill the requirements of IATA e-freight pilot run

Jan 2007

  • Becomes a Strategic Partner of IATA e-freight project
  • CX, JL and KE utilize the EzyPost platform in compliance with the electronic messaging requirements of various Post Offices', and to raise operation efficiency


  • Connects JL system  with EzyCargo, and appoints JL as the licensee of EzyCargo in Japan for sales, distribution and support of EzyCargo System
  • Establishes connection with Global e-business Services Ltd., Hacis (Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services Ltd.), French Customs information system (MAREVA), Tradelink (Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd.), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Bureau of the United States and CBSA (the Canada Border Services Agency), and partnership with SHEDI (Shanghai EDI Yingdi Information Technology Ltd.) in the P.R.C.
  • Develops EzyPost and collaborates with CX, JL and KE to facilitate cost-effective and reliable interconnection between carriers and partnered post offices
  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Shanghai

Mar 2006

  • Successful launch of EzyCustoms


  • Works with HACTL (Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd.) to integrate data of EzyCargo booking with HACTL's reception checklist (eRCL)
  • Establishes close partnership with AAT (Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd.) to facilitate distribution and collection of cargo information
  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Taipei and Kaohsiung


  • Establishes partnership with Trade-Van (Trade-Van Information Services Co.) for sales and distribution of EzyCargo in Taiwan
  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Osaka
  • Appointed by SHEDI (Shanghai EDI Yingdi Information Technology Ltd.) as the exclusive gateway for distributing messages of consolidation list from SHEDI to airlines outside the P.R.C.
  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Tokyo
  • CX, JL, SQ, and QF join as founding carriers of EzyCargo
  • Successful launch of EzyCargo in Hong Kong

May 2003

  • Launches XDWP (now known as EDMP™) in Hong Kong successfully
  • CX subscribes XDWP in order to improve shipment status visibility, operation efficiency and performance management based on IATA Cargo 2000 CDMP (Common Data Management Platform) concept

Dec 1999

  • GLSHK is established and marketed under the brand name of Traxon HK
  • Establishes connection with GLS KR, CCSJ and GLS AP to facilitate the exchange of cargo information among HK, Korea, Japan and other regions of the world
  • In the same year, GLS HK is appointed by GLS AP to undertake duties relating to GLS AP's daily operation and administration