EzyCargo on Mobile App

A new version of EzyCargo Mobile is now ready for download. 

An improvement from the pilot version, the EzyCargo Mobile features Flight Schedule, Track & Trace, and Shipment Radar, extending the shipment management to the mobile platform and beyond the office locations.  The enhanced app also provides a feature to receive automatic message notification on shipment status update.

EzyCargo Mobile is an optional module chargeable on top of the EzyCargo subscription.  As an introductory offer, we will release it to all our current EzyCargo subscribers for a free subscription for six months.  Until the expiration of the free period, users will be notified and will be provided the option to officially subscribe to the EzyCargo Mobile.

Simply download the EzyCargo Mobile from the App Store or Google Play and apply the same EzyCargo user account to access.  As EzyCargo has charges on certain status messages, the same will apply when such messages are triggered from the mobile platform.

More features will continue to be added and we welcome your suggestions in making the app more useful to you. Please direct your feedback to our Sales team at 2833-1880 or email to sales@glshk.com.



28 Jan 2015