A Summary on EzyCargo Enhancement

During this year, there are several developments of EzyCargoTM, of which, the system becomes more accessible to our subscribers, and those include:

1) Printing of Air Waybill on plain paper
The EzyCargoTM print function now supports direct printing of Air Waybill on A4 Plain paper.  Users can now print all Air Waybills to Neutral Air Waybill stock or to A4 plain paper through the system.

2) Checking of shipment acceptance status for more airlines
Shipment acceptance status such as Ready for Carriage (RCS) can now be checked for more airlines through the GLS EzyFreightTM system.  

3) Sharing of shipment information through EzyCargoTM
EzyCargoTM now enables the sharing of selected shipment information, for example, Master Air Waybill, House Manifest, shipment status or the related document to any specified recipients.  This saves the efforts to send the same through a separate channel such as email or fax. 




10 Jul 2018