One-stop shipment management

EzyCargo offers an interface for airlines and freight forwarders to exchange and validate e-AWB data. Its build-in management tool, e-pouch, enables freight forwarders to create, view, submit, retrieve and print the related shipping documents.


EzyCargo offers a wide variety of e-booking options that cater to freight forwarders’ specific needs, allowing forwarders to make single, routine, multiple and spreadsheet bookings through one single source.

EzyCargo does not only save time in entering basic information, such as agent code and IATA code, for each booking, it also streamlines the processes and steps of multiple airlines booking and regular booking.

Currently, EzyCargo provides direct e-booking functions for over 20 airlines. It also offers a template feature for forwarders to obtain shipment details of particular routing, which are reusable for next bookings.

Since 22 July 2019, new e-booking function has been introduced. With new interface, added features and simplified and streamlined processes, it enhances user experience and efficiency in e-booking.


A value-added function that enables freight forwarders to lend AWB to another forwarding agent for maximising their yield.


EzyCargo enables single or multiple flight schedule checks, providing a genuine shortcut to space reservation with a mouse-click. Simply type in the codes of origin and destination, and choose the departure date with preferred airline(s), the schedule will be retrieved within seconds.


Freight forwarders submit the EDI shipment information to GLSHK after consolidating shipment information into their own hub office, and GLSHK in turn relays the messages to their chosen airlines. Likewise, GLSHK transmits all status messages received from airlines back to freight forwarders in same seamless manner.

Gateway Solution allows freight forwarders connecting multiple airlines on one single platform, and saves forwarder’s system connection time and development costs.


EzyCargo enables freight forwarders to manage and keep track of the usage of air waybill stock assigned by airlines. It regularly updates the current air waybill stock status and reminds users of their stock level when it falls below a pre-defined limit.

Moreover, EzyCargo automatically send AWB request to airlines that are connected with GLSHK AWB distribution feature, and update the forwarder’s AWB inventory directly, thus saving forwarder’s manpower and time in managing air waybills stock.


GLSHK provides freight forwarders with flexibility and capability to exchange EDI messages by providing solutions tailor-made to specific requirements of different local organisations such as Customs Authority and Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO).

For instance, customised connection can be established between freight forwarder and the local CTO via EzyCargo for pre-declaration, ULD applications and customs clearance etc.


It can be easily setup via EzyCargo to exchange encrypted shipment information between in-house IT systems of freight forwarders and the host-systems of the airlines.

Using Host-to-Host connections allows freight forwarders to continue using their own systems to deliver the shipment information such as FWB, FHL, and manifests information to connected airlines behind the scene, and saves the training costs to learn new user interfaces. EzyCargo also saves forwarders the efforts to re-enter shipment information.

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