Multi-customs connections

EzyCustoms provides reliable and efficient web-based multi-customs clearance solutions, facilitates simple and consistent workflows for operations personnel of airlines worldwide, allowing them to better manage and update flight schedules, manifests and shipment data.


EzyCustoms guarantees that all formalities of participating customs authorities are met. The continual updating of EzyCustoms enables airlines to stay abreast of the ever-evolving requirements of international customs authorities.

Using EzyCustoms, airlines can perform compliance verification and air waybill records management at the click of a mouse. EzyCutoms provides airlines with automatic data validation for compliance purposes and identification of discrepancies.

Moreover, the system automatically alerts airlines of omissions or exceptions before final submission of air conveyance data to the relevant participating customs authorities.


Visibility of real-time clearance status is one of the key strengths of EzyCustoms. The application enables airlines to monitor the status and component processes associated with shipment clearance.

Airlines receive acknowledgement from local customs authorities to confirm acceptance of clearance information.

Should discrepancies occur, replies indicating ‘reject’, ‘hold’ or ‘error’ status are automatically directed from the specific customs authorities and can be obtained real-time – allowing airlines to quickly identify and resolve potential clearance concerns 


Information security has become an essential concern for all airlines. The embedded security throughout our network ensures that only authorised parties with controlled access right can login to manage and monitor clearance status.

Our reliable and secure networked platform assures that airlines maintain the privacy of their most sensitive information, and retains data integrity, accuracy and security.

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