Hassle-free e-AWB adoption

Cathay Pacific Cargo

A user of EzyFreight


"Easier e-AWB adoption in our home city, and worldwide"

EzyFreight serves like a powerful ‘washing machine’ that ensures all data flowing into CX system is cleaned and validated. This certainly helps to ease the possible complications and difficulties in adopting e-AWB.


"Significantly reduces human errors"

EzyFreight has the capability and flexibility to validate 100% of the data submitted by freight forwarders. It identifies all data discrepancies due to human errors and automatically requests freight forwarders to make relevant amendments. EzyFreight is one of the crucial tools for us to ensure aircraft safety, which is always our top priority.


"Strengthens customer service"

With EzyFreight’s automatic validations, we are able to commit to our customers that cargo acceptance can be done within 30 minutes upon successful submission of shipment data.

On the other hand, the e-pouch function significantly eliminates the need for freight forwarders to line up at our service counters for submitting physical documents. This largely strengthens our services to customers.


"Enhances communications with freight forwarders"

EzyFreight has the intelligence to send email alerts to our customers, indicating causes of errors should irregularities occur. Hence they are able to make relevant amendment right away. This function is of great importance to us as it considerably reduces telephone enquiries from freight forwarders.



Why have you chosen GLSHK?

Top-notch e-freight technologies
GLSHK is highly regarded by the global airfreight industry of its ‘second to none’ advanced technologies. Our core system is a bit of old thus unable to accept messages in XML.

To address the issue, GLSHK has been providing Cargo-IMP/XML conversion service to us for a decade. On the other hand, its co-loading, automatic email alerts and e-pouch functions are their strong areas that not many e-freight service providers nowadays can perform.

Tailor-made solutions
We appreciate GLSHK’s dedicated efforts to provide tailor-made solutions for us which consequently has led to our easier and smoother e-AWB adoption not only in Hong Kong but worldwide.

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