Airmail management

Croatia Airlines

A user of EzyPost


"Reliable communications with post offices worldwide"

EzyPost is a single integrated mail portal enabling us to connect and exchange EDI message with post offices worldwide. It helps us to meet the diverse requirements of all post offices and reduce the complexities during connections.

"Enhances work efficiency"

EzyPost’s integrated barcode scanning function, performed by handheld devises in real time, helps to minimise the working procedures of our staff to update mail consignment status.

"Service improvement"

The performance reports generated by EzyPost enable us to measure our service performance thus helps to standardise our service quality to our desired level.



Why have you chosen GLSHK?

Value-for-money service
In this ever-changing market, it is critical to us to manage our service quality and costs in an efficient way. We appreciate GLSHK’s EzyPost solution which has enabled us to stay competitive.

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