Solution for Airlines

Validate your shipment data in real time

EzyFreight - With EzyFreight, users can view and retrieve all the events and messages concerning a shipment (including master and house air waybill data)


Transmit your shipment information to customs worldwide

EzyCustoms - focuses on saving clearance cycle time and is able to generate and provide the required shipping information to move shipments through different customs processes.


Electronic airmail management

EzyPost - Say NO to the antiquated ways of traditional mail consignment handling and choose instead a proven technology-based solution - EzyPost


Monitor real-time shipment performance

EDMP - The design of our flexible Easy Data Management Platform (EDMP) provides a highly responsive interface


e-Air Waybill

EzyFreight - Electronic-Air Waybill (e-AWB) removes the requirement for a paper Air Waybill (AWB) and greatly simplifies the airfreight supply chain process



EzyFreight - aims to build a paper-free cargo environment and to streamline shipment-handling process for higher quality and efficiency throughout the entire air cargo supply chain.


Customs Clearance

EzyCustoms - High cost, complicated process and set-up requirements all hinder the effectiveness for airlines to directly connect with different customs systems



EzyCustoms - In light of tightened security measures, most customs authorities have now mandated an advanced presentation of Master and House Air Waybill information in electronic format for all cargo into their countries.


Airmail Management

EzyPost - provides a one-stop integrated platform that links global postal services and mail carriers through comprehensive and innovative IT solution


Shipment Performance

EDMP - Strict adherence to Cargo iQ specifications explains why GLSHK was certified by Cargo iQ as ‘the First in Asia’ fully compliant Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) service provider