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Exchange EDI messages with over 40 international airlines
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Main features


Traditionally, freight forwarders have to spend an inordinate amount of time checking cargo space availability and making reservations from individual airline’s website. With EzyCargo, freight forwarders can now have a variety of e-booking options from a single source for making single, routine, multiple and spreadsheet bookings to suit their specific needs.

e-AWB adoption

To keep pace with the ongoing and ever-changing requirements of the freight community, GLSHK launched EzyCargo in 2003. EzyCargo, an enhanced air cargo portal, provides a one-stop intelligent operations management solution allowing process streamlining, electronic message exchange and computerisation of critical shipment data. Being able to deliver and maintain a unique electronic cargo data processing solution has played a key role in attracting worldwide airlines and freight forwarders to IATA e-AWB initiative.

Real time shipment status update
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Main features

Shipment track & trace

Tracking your shipment in a timely manner is crucial to your business and your customers. To maximise your business efficiency, our certified Cargo2000 platform - Easy Data Management Platform (EDMP) - constantly updates the cargo movement from point to point to provide real-time status and shipment notifications to freight forwarders.

Monitor performance

The design of GLSHK Easy Data Management Platform (EDMP) provides a highly responsive and transparent interface for freight forwarders to instantly oversee and analyse shipment performances, while shipment milestones are being transmitted to participating freight forwarders constantly.

GLSHK provides consulting and development services for forwarders around the world to enable Cargo iQ solutions. For more information, please contact our sales team

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