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Nowadays, the outlook for the cargo industry is being surrounded by negative sentiments and perilous bumps for instance highly fluctuating aviation fuel prices, fierce competition with maritime transportation and weakening world economies. Shaving costs and improving productivity are becoming crucial to help transform these risks into opportunities.

GLS HK is ready to help in the process of this transformation. Our solutions are in place to meet escalating regulatory, operational and budget demands while ensuring you to secure operations with speed, visibility, reliability and innovation.


is Asia's leading multi-carrier cargo booking portal and is a forerunner in Electronic Data
  Interchange (EDI) in the cargo industry. It is renowned for a high degree of flexibility and reliability in system and network development of which seamless information exchange among cargo communities parties is guaranteed. more

This award-winning application in compliance with Cargo 2000 quality standards is a
  highly responsive data-management tool by which all cargo carriers and forwarders will be provided with quality data to boost transportation efficiency and performance. All shipment data monitored through EDMP™ is measurable for continuous process improvement. more

This system model endorsed by IATA is highly reliable for consignors, forwarders, airlines
  and consignees to effectively and efficiently convert mandatory cargo documents from paper to electronic format. In line with the timeline of e-freight proposed by IATA, by 2010, EzyFreight™ will be ready to convert the currently-used 16 physical cargo documents to an electronic data format. more

is a one-stop secure platform for multi-customs process management. The
platform is designed to improve clearance cycle time and visibility, facilitate simple and consistent operating workflows, as well as ensure all input from carriers meet different customs-mandated compliance requirements. more  

, a proven technology-based solution conceptualized by Cathay Pacific,
Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, and GLS HK. It links worldwide postal services and global mail carriers facilitating better consignment data quality and transparency, more automation, cost-benefit advantage, and most importantly, service-level enhancement. more  

Whether you are a cargo carrier, forwarder, consignor, consignee or other
industry stakeholder - be it global or local - customized e-distribution solutions can be catered to meet your exact requirements. For example, ULD equalization, mix pre-pack, pre-claims, co-load, AWB management and many more.  
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