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  GLSHK backing Cathay Pacific Airways to Extend e-AWB Implementation to Singapore and Malaysia
2012 Apr 03

Following the great success in facilitating fully switch to electronic air waybill (e-AWB) implemented by Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong in January 2011, Global Logistics System (HK) Co. Ltd. (GLSHK) is pleased to announce that it has marked another important milestone in the global airfreight by enabling Singapore and Malaysia, the carrier’s first batch of overseas stations, to smoothly roll out e-AWB.

GLSHK Chief Executive Officer Lionel Kwok said, “We are proud to be partnering with Cathay Pacific to open new chapters for the airfreight industry again. A year ago, we made history by facilitating 100% e-AWB implementation for Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong. Today, we are honoured to play a part in continuing this e-initiative in Cathay Pacific’s overseas stations using our sophisticated e-freight solution. I envisage that global e-AWB penetration will boost significantly when more ports cutover to e-AWB. Certainly GLSHK will continue our technological support behind.”

"The implementation of e-AWB beyond Hong Kong has required a great deal of dedicated efforts but I am sure it is more than worthwhile, as it will help our customers achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. GLSHK is committed to promoting electronic developments, using upgraded technology to provide customized solutions to cater to the needs of the airfreight industry worldwide,” Mr Kwok added.

For media enquiries, please contact GLSHK Commercial Manager Ms. Cherry Ho at +852 2833 1883 or email to marketing@glshk.com.


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