Hong Kong Subscriber Seminar on Managing E-Commerce Shipment with EzyCargo

On 22 June 2018, Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd. hosted a half-day seminar dedicated on managing e-commerce shipment with EzyCargoTM .  Around 100 representatives from freight forwarders in Hong Kong attended the event held in the InnoCentre. 

At this seminar, sharing and discussion were conducted on the e-commerce development, the e-commerce challenges to freight forwarders and airlines, the disruptions caused by new IT and technologies, and the many business opportunities that have been opened to players in the logistics chain.  The IATA’s industry action plan was also being talked about.  GLSHK made an update on its new features of EzyCargoTM along with the product enhancement plan in supporting forwarders to cope with the changing environment of the industry, including the introduction of the new communication option of Web API. 






"We are pleased to share with you the emerging business trend and pattern of the industry", said Mr. Tony Sham, CEO of Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd. at the welcome speech.  Mr. Sham highlighted e-commerce and new technologies provides opportunities for new start up platforms to compete with traditional players, and opening new opportunities due to new processes. “Other impacts to the industry include the gradual moving from mass production to mass customization through the support of technology. In the digital era, supply chains are turning into a multi-directional value web, and traditional forwarders or 3PLs are learning to profit from transparency instead of complexity.  There will be more collaboration, merger and acquisition in the coming years.” Mr. Sham added: "GLSHK is keen on addressing the needs of and the technology development for this industry to cope with the changing business demands". 

Mr. Tony Sham, CEO of Global Logistics System, sharing his view on e-commerce at the welcome speech

Mr. Sheldon Li, Co-founder of Buyandship, sharing his e-commerce experience in the seminar

Mr. Sheldon Li, Co-founder of Buyandship Hong Kong also shared his experience of e-commerce business.  Mr. Li stressed on the advantage and importance of applying new technology to the business, with the significance of the use of data to assist the decision maker.  "Different organizations are investing new technology to improve customer experience and efficiency.  Technology gives us the ability to capture many small clients at a low cost, which will lead to a weapon to land up in large clients", said Mr. Li.  The sphere of his other new start-ups also included the LHT Express, the Pakpobox Technology and the Zhenhub Technology. 


Mr. Jackson Chan, Cargo System Planning and Optimization Manager of Cathy Pacific Airways, presenting in the seminar

With respect to e-cargo and the future trend of paperless operations, Mr. Jackson Chan, Cargo System Planning and Optimization Manager of Cathy Pacific Airways (CX) pointed out Hong Kong is leading the world in adopting electronic Air Waybill and towards paperless operation. The increasing e-commerce shipments volume was creating new challenges to the air operation in the ability to handle huge volume of house data within the shortest time available.  He mentioned that CX was responding to the challenges and the industry quickly through working with GLSHK.  He also introduced the new IATA One Record initiative, and how CX is doing to adopt an interim practice to facilitate the sharing of electronic pouch document. “With the support from the freight forwarders community”, Mr. Chan stressed: “I am positive that Hong Kong can achieve 100% paperless operations for air cargo ahead of other countries.”

The seminar concluded with a walkthrough of the various enhancements in GLSHK and in the EzyCargoTM platform, including the new architecture setup to speed up data processing; the continuous EzyCargoTM revamp exercise starting with better Flight Availability display and  the dashboard view of Track & Trace capability. GLSHK new communications option using API technology was explained to offer additional flexibility in data exchange to cater for individual need. 


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