Click to Accept Your Shipping Instructions

EzyCargo™ launches today the new feature of the Community e-Platform allowing freight forwarders to receive and exchange shipment information with their shippers.

Freight forwarders can now accept through EzyCargo™ Shipping Instructions (SLI) and related document sent from their shippers, to process and reuse the shipment data. This can help to reduce data re-entry, ensure data accuracy, and improve the operations efficiency.

Once login to EzyCargo™, users should check the email icon on the Menu Bar to view all the SLIs sent from their shippers. Go to “Shipper Booking” under the Air Operation tab to check all the received SLI for acceptance of the booking and process the order. Click here to read Community e-Platform User Manual.

Ask your EzyCargo™ Account Administrator to assign access rights to your authorized users. For further assistance, please contact our Helpdesk at 2838 1999 or email us at

The data exchange between shippers and freight forwarders over this Community e-Platform is made possible through the connection between EzyCargo and Tradelink.  Other enhanced features will gradually be introduced to ensure a seamless environment for an ultimate door-to-door eFreight process.