The Latest Development of Cargo XML

The Latest Development of Cargo XML

- An interview with Mr. Eugene Ng

The Cargo XML Task Force recently held its meeting in Miami, USA to discuss the latest development of this new IATA EDI message exchange format.

We have the opportunity to interview Mr. Eugene Ng who has attended the Task Force meeting in order to learn from him the latest progress and development of Cargo IMP and Cargo XML. Mr. Ng represents Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd (GLS) in the Task Force working group and has been actively participating in all the related studies. Mr. Ng is currently the Systems Manager of GLS.

The following topics were discussed with Mr. Ng: 

• IATA Cargo XML Task Force
• Cargo XML vs Cargo IMP
• Moving forward to Cargo XML
• Is GLS ready to support Cargo XML
• Key drivers to Cargo XML
• What is needed for industry players to adopt Cargo XML

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