New China Customs Regulation effective 1 June 2018

To strengthen the management of import and export cargo entering and leaving China, and to ensure the integrity and accuracy of shipment data for the effective implementation of safety and risk control, the General Administration of Customs, P.R. China released the Order No. 56 (2017) to amend the regulation for the submission of electronic shipment data.  The new order is effective 1 June 2018.

In the area of air freight, the order mandated the inclusion of shipper, consignee or notify party details such as name and contact to the air waybill and house manifest.  Goods description must be complete, accurate, and covers all individual shipments under the same waybill.

Global Logistics Systems (HK) Co., Ltd announce the compliance of this regulation with enhancement made to the EzyCargoTM platform providing the input fields, and the inclusion of these additional data in the air waybill and house manifest sent to the airlines.

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