IATA Reports Slowdown in Growth for Air Cargo in June

The international Air Transport Association (IATA) air freight report of June shows that global freight volumes are measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTK) rose just 1.2% compared to a year ago.

Regional performance varied widely. Asia-Pacific, North American and Latin American carriers reported year-on-year declines (-0.3%, -3.3%, and -1.6% respectively) while European carriers reported that markets were flat. This was offset by the strong performance of Middle Eastern (+15.3%) and African (+6.7%) carriers to keep growth in positive territory.

Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO warned that the air cargo markets are basically stagnating and overall it has been a disappointing first half of 2015, especially considering the strong finish to 2014.

To accelerate the air cargo and the global economy growth, governments need to successfully focus on stabilizing growth and stimulating trade by removing barriers.

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