Dimerco uses GLS ONE Record API to monitor live shipment status on CX Ultra Track

Dimerco Air Forwarders (HK) Ltd. has become the first user to apply the ONE Record standard Track & Trace API developed by Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd to track the live status of their special shipment on the Cathay Pacific Cargo Ultra Track service


Global Logistics System (GLS) sets another record to enable a forwarder to monitor their shipment status in their own system via the GLS developed ONE Record standard API (Application Programming Interface). 

Partners with Cathay Pacific Cargo and Dimerco Air Forwarders (HK) Ltd., GLS makes it possible for Cathay Pacific to share track & trace statuses of general and special cargo to Dimerco for the near-real-time monitoring from their own in-house system. 

The Cathay Pacific Cargo’s Ultra Track service uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to transmit shipment information such as GPS location and temperature.  This allows Dimerco the tracking of their sensitive electrical equipment at the usual milestones, and monitoring the shipment condition along the way such as temperature, humidity, shock and light conditions.  The GLS API built in accordance to the IATA ONE Record specifications enables the seamless data integration between their two systems.

“We are an IATA Strategic Partner with active contribution in the ONE Record project.  We have been working to enrich the ONE Record standard and to promote it to our airline and forwarder customers.  ONE Record is able to provide improved standardization for more effective data integration across the supply chain,” said Mr. Simon Ng, CEO of GLS. “We are probably the first air-freight technology service provider to have trialed and implemented this track & trace in ONE Record standard.”

As part of the work, GLS has developed a ‘sandbox’ test environment for any interested party to trial the API. “The sandbox was filled with sample data – plus a technical specification to guide the trial, including the IT requirements for ultimate integration.” said Ng. “The beauty this API is it’s relatively simple technology that can be easily adopted.”

Dimerco has seen the increasing demand and importance in the visibility of their shipments, in especially their special cargo.  Dimerco is one of the first to show interest on the GLS API and was given the sandbox to trial.  Supported by GLS technical expertise, various rounds of successful testing were done before actual application.

“We are proud of this recognition since we know IATA ONE Record is a data-centric model able to provide better visibility and greater transparency. It will improve data quality and, of course, eliminate duplication,” say Eddie Law, General Manager at Dimerco Air Forwarders HK Ltd. “There are many benefits to the API,” Law continues, “most important is the ability to have it up and running very quickly with industry standard system securities in place.”

Cathay Pacific Cargo and GLS has partnered to take a leading role in a number of pilot programs in proving the ONE Record concepts and effectiveness.  These are important moves to moving towards more transparency for all stakeholders along the logistics chain.

“According to IATA, this is the first time a cargo agent and an airline have used an API to the IATA ONE  Record Interactive Cargo standard to receive IoT data – in this instance from Ultra Track – as well as the traditional shipment trace & trace status from us,” said Ms. Clera Lam, Head of Cargo Digital, Cathay Pacific.  “Although the technology is new, APIs can connect platforms and they are a lot more straightforward than re-engineering system interfaces.”

GLS is marketing this ONE Record Track & Trace API to the airfreight industry including airlines and forwarders.  Contact GLS for access to the sandbox to test the API.



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Last update: 1 December 2021

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