EzyPost™ integrates carriers and posts for data exchange.  The seamless integration relay transport requests (CARDIT) from post offices, and return statuses (RESDIT).  EzyPost™ provides full visibility and status of all receptacles. EzyPost™ currently connects to 67 post offices.

Scanning Applications of Mailbags Status

EzyPost™ provides an application for carriers to scan and report transport status at RESDIT milestones. Ground Handlers can apply the same application to serve multiple carriers by reporting status via Mail Label Data (MLD) specification.  EzyPost™ supports also Mail Registration Device (MRD) to capture status at transfer of custody. 

Performance Reports​

EzyPost™ generates different reports for carriers.  A raw data report to support billings and invoices through its own revenue accounting system.  The customized performance reports  measure the actual milestone reports against planned events to yield useful leads to measure ports performances and design actions for the improvement of service quality.

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