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Accuracy means Efficiency


EzyCargo connects to 90+ global carriers, helping you save all the time in checking real time flight schedule, availability, and seamlessly booking flights. It helps to timely submit shipment data and pouch document to all your carriers.  The co-loading function facilitates the sharing of Air Waybills for your sub-agents to submit e-AWB data, greatly improves operation cost and efficiency. EzyCargo allows seamlessly establishing host to host connection to your internal system, reducing duplicate data input and improves data accuracy.

Reliability enables Productivity


We believe technology is more reliable than experience when you deal with various customs around the globe. You no longer need to rely on cargo carriers for reporting to customs clearance. EzyCustoms helps you take control of your own submission directly from your own system. It speeds up the data processing and ensure data quality. You enjoy greater flexibility within the workflows as it erases last-minute hassle, thanks to the high visibility of Customs clearance status. With EzyCustoms, you are always ahead of time.

Knowledge is the power


Certified by Cargo iQ as The First in Asia fully compliant CDMP service provider for both carriers and forwarder members. EDMP track your cargo movement in real time along the journey. It generates performance reports for Cargo iQ, and provide valuable leads to drive operations improvement of your partner carriers.

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