New Philippine Customs requirements for advance cargo declaration

The Philippines Bureau of Customs has implemented additional requirements for the submission of advance cargo declaration since 15 January 2021. Air carriers who deliver their cargo destined to the Philippines have to submit also the Aircraft registration number.

Forwarders are also required to submit the 6-digit HS codes in the shipment details for cargo declaration.

To compile with the new requirement, EzyCustoms™ is enhanced to allow airline users to include the “Aircraft registration number” in the Manifest XML messages.

The Bureau will impose penalty to carriers who fail to compile with the guidelines.  Please observe their future announcement on the exact start date.

EzyCustoms™ is a multi Customs compliance solution for airlines and forwarders.  Subscribers can benefit from the convenience of a single platform with uniformed processes to connect and comply with individual Customs specifications, facilitating cargo pre-clearance and smooth releases of arrival cargo.

For more details about EzyCustoms™, please contact our Business Development Team at .

Last update: 20 February 2021

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